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Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024 July Updated

Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024 is Rs 31,920. These prices are updated for July. There are many models of Longi Solar Panels in Pakistan. Longi 555W Mono Solar Panel Price in Pakistan is RS,31920,Longi 550W Mono Perc Solar Panels in Pakistan is RS,39,050,Longi 575W HIMO 6 Mono Solar Panels Price in Pakistan is RS,48,720 and Longi 580W HIMO 6 Solar Panel Price in Pakistan is RS,33,930.We can update this page of Longi Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan on a daily basis.

Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan July 2024

Model Price
LONGI 555W Mono Solar Panel Rs. 31,920
LONGI 550W Mono Perc Solar Panel Rs. 39,050
LONGI 575W HIMO 6 Mono Solar Panel Rs. 48,720
LONGI 580W HIMO 6 Solar Panel Rs. 33,930

What is Longi Solar Panels

LONGi Solar is a leading producer of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels known for their cutting-edge technology as well as their quality and performance. This is a brief overview of what sets them out.LONGi is the largest silicon wafers that are monocrystalline and is a top-of-the-line producer of solar panels.
They hold numerous records in the industry and have the highest efficiency of conversion for a solar commercially accessible cell.

Types of Longi Solar Panels

LONGi offers a diverse range of high-efficiency solar panels to cater to various needs and applications. Here’s an overview of their main categories:

1. Hi-MO Series:

  • This is LONGi’s flagship series, known for its high conversion efficiency and advanced technology.
  • Subcategories include:
    • Hi-MO 5m: These modules boast efficiency exceeding 21.3%, making them ideal for maximizing energy output.
    • Hi-MO 6m: The latest generation modules, promising even higher efficiency above 22.5% and optimized for low-light conditions.
    • Hi-MO 4m: A cost-effective option with efficiency around 20.9%, providing excellent value for residential and commercial installations.

2. Other Series:

  • Mono PERC: Standard high-efficiency modules with PERC technology, suitable for various rooftop and ground-mounted systems.
  • Hi-MO bifacial: Panels with cells that capture light from both sides, ideal for reflective surfaces like white roofs or near reflective structures.
  • Flexible: Lightweight and bendable modules for unique applications like carports, boats, or curved roofs.
  • Half-cut cells: Panels with cells cut in half, reducing internal resistance and improving performance in hot climates.

Latest Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024

Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan January 2024 Model Wise

Choosing the Right Panel

The best type of LONGi panel for you depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider factors like:

  • Budget: Hi-MO 5m and 6m offer the highest efficiency but come at a premium price. Hi-MO 4m and Mono PERC are more budget-friendly.
  • Application: Choose bifacial panels for reflective surfaces, flexible panels for unique installations, and half-cut cells for hot climates.
  • Efficiency: Higher efficiency panels generate more power per unit area, but may not always be the most cost-effective choice.