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1KW Solar System Price in Pakistan 2024 [ July Updated ]

1KW Solar System Price in Pakistan 2024 ranges from 25,000 to 27,000 PKR. These are the updated prices of July Month. The price of Solar Panels depends upon Quality. We can provide you the exact price of 1kw solar panels in different cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and all other major cities of Pakistan. Nowadays Electricity Cost is too high in Pakistan. Its best solution is to switch to this Free Solar Energy. Solar Panels have different Lifetimes some of them have good Lasting Lifetimes.

What is the 1kw Solar System

1kw is a solar system which produces one kilowatt of Electricity.1kw solar power system consists of polycrystalline or monocrystalline panels that have inverter efficiency of more than 97% and module efficiency over 17% .

1KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

Title 1KW Solar System Price
Year 2024
warranty 25 Years
1KW Price 25,000 to 27,000 PKR
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What are the benefits of the 1kw solar panel?

1 Reduce Power Bill

One of the benefits of 1kw Solar Panel is that its reduce the 70% electricity Bill. This the chepiest way to overcome the expenses of Homeowners.

2 Easy to Install

Many Reasonable and Affordable 1KW Solar Panels are available in Pakistan. These panes have no moving part so they are easy to install and you can easily shift them from one place to another.

3 Save Money

Another big benefit is that you can save your Money to Buy one 1kw solarpanel because They have 25 Years Power Warranties. These solar panels add value to your Property because You can easily buy and sell them in any time.

4 Clean Energy

It is the cheapist way to produce electricity through Solar Panels. These solar panels help in overcome the pressure on out atmosphere.

Night Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

1KW Solar System Price

Latest Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

1KW Solar System Price and Information in Pakistan

Feature Information
Price Range ₨70,000 – 150,000 (Lahore & Multan)
Typical System Output 150+ kWh/month
Typical Panel Quantity 4-6 (1.6m x 1m each)
Recommended Appliance Load 2 fans (220W), 2 energy savers (40W), 1 laptop (20W), chargers (10W)
Estimated Savings Varies based on electricity usage and export
Benefits Reduced bills, zero greenhouse gas emissions, free energy, on/off-grid options
Installation Requirements 10 square meters of surface area
Included Specifications 4 solar panels, grid-connected inverter/optimizers/microinverters, installation, monitoring, support, upgrade options
Warranty 25 years on inverters

What is the Warranties of 1kw Solar Panels in Pakistan

The warranty of solar panel is depend upon its quality.Some Solar Companies Provides 10 to 25 Year and Some of them are providing them a 25 Years Warrantity.This warranty Period Might Depending On the the life span of diffenert Parts of Units.

Recommendations to run on 1kw Solar Panel

In addition, the following items recommended to run on solar energy:
  • 2 Fans, 2 Energy Savers
  • 1 laptop, few chargers

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